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Hybrid IT

With hybrid IT, organizations can combine any number of on-premise and off-premise technologies and delivery models to create solutions that best meet their needs. That’s why many predictions say that hybrid IT is in the future of nearly every organization in time now to lay the groundwork and test the hybrid IT waters. In this eGuide,  Computerworld examines how hybrid IT decisions should be made and what the future might hold for this technology.

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Comcast Business

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Building A Cloud Implementation Strategy

INVEST IN MORE IN YOUR BUSINESS AND LESS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY “For most small and mid-sized businesses the future is all about growth, and a cloud-based approach to information technology is inherently supportive of growth strategies. Utilizing capital or allocating resources to manage IT solutions is a distraction from their core business,” says Todd Goodbinder, national vice president of sales at Comcast Business. “Businesses get a much bigger benefit taking their dollars and investing them in their business rather than adopting an IT solution that…

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Cisco Business

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Delivering on the promise of virtualization

CISCO UNIFIED COMPUTING SYSTEM Virtualization has transformed the data center over the past decade. IT departments use virtualization to consolidate multiple server workloads onto a smaller number of more powerful servers. They use virtualization to scale existing applications by adding more virtual machines to support them, and they deploy new applications without having to purchase additional servers to do so. They achieve greater resource utilization by balancing workloads across a large pool of servers in real time—and they respond more quickly to changes in workload or…

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