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10 tips for helming IT through ups and downs

Most organizations experience growth in fits and starts, with alternating periods of expansion and contraction. IT used to have to react to those twists and turns on the fly. But now, with a role more tightly aligned with business, IT is instead helping lead through such changes.

“In the past, IT was routinely too late to react to change,” says Chas Hartwig, strategic account executive at TayganPoint Consulting Group. That was mostly because IT wasn’t in the loop — not knowing why the company made a certain acquisition or pulled back on spending, he says. But now that IT has a direct influence on the success of budget cutbacks or mergers and acquisitions, CIOs have to know “when to put the brakes on, accelerate or drive around in circles” when it comes to tech investments, Hartwig says. [1]

[1] By Sandra Gittlen for Computerworld

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