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A look inside the Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution

Windows administrators have a problem — passwords. Specifically, administrator passwords that lurk out there, identical across machines, just ready to be compromised. But there is finally a solution at the right price that mitigates this problem almost completely. Interested? Let’s dive in.

The issue at hand is simple: Every Windows NT-based box, as far back as Windows 2000 and up to Windows 10, including all of the server releases, has a local administrator account. This account, sometimes called the “500” account after the group ID number it has within the bowels of the Windows operating system, has full control over the machine on which it is located. It does not by default have any domain privileges. (Domain administrator accounts, of course, also have by default full control over local machines that are members of the domain — but this can generally be scoped to a more limited set of permissions if necessary.) [1]

[1] By By Jonathan Hassell for Computerworld

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