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Digital transformation – it’s no longer optional

Is it just me or have we all been talking about ‘embracing the cloud’ and becoming ‘digital businesses’ for years now? The good news is that we’ve reached the point where all the theory is becoming reality. The technology available to businesses now is better than we could have imagined just ten years ago. And it’s allowing everyone to become more agile, flexible and competitive than ever before.

We’re seeing the effects of this transformation in South Africa too. In spite of poor economic conditions, the market for enterprise software continues to grow:

  • According to Gartner, IT spending in South Africa is expected to reach $26.6 Billion in 2016 – that’s an increase of 5.1% from 2015.

  • And, according to the IDC, in 2016 South African organisations will invest more in digital transformation initiatives to streamline costs and improve flexibility.

There are five trends in particular that we believe make exploring the world of digital business a vital exercise. We regularly discuss and share content on these areas on this blog:

  1. Finding new ways to increase efficiencies

Increased efficiency is arguably the biggest benefit of digital transformation. Automation simplifies and accelerates repetitive tasks such as document generation, manufacturing, product testing, customer care, marketing campaigns, sales reporting and more.

These savings have a direct effect on the bottom line, and can be “make or break” for a business with ambitious growth plans.

  1. Taking collaboration to the next level

The plethora of document collaboration and instant messaging solutions on the market are testament to the allure of live collaboration. It makes a lot of sense in word where many of us suffer email overload.

Microsoft’s in-document collaboration features and its acquisition of Skype show that the ability for a team to quickly collaborate on project in real-time is vital – no matter where or how far apart these team members are.

  1. Connecting with customers

The rise of the search engine, and the resulting avalanche of marketing and business development content available on the web, means that customers are better informed than ever. They may even know more about your (and your competitors’) solutions th