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Advanced servers. Accelerated business.

Today’s businesses are rapidly transforming in order to remain competitive in the digital global economy. This digital transformation is driving IT Transformation.

Successful IT Transformation requires investment in cloud, hyper-converged infrastructures and future-proof data storage. Servers underpin all of this while freeing IT resources to focus on innovation.

Advanced servers maximise workload performance and automate the entire server lifecycle, while integrated security protects your organisation.

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers are the best-selling servers in the world. They deliver:

  1. Scalable business architecture: Maximise performance across a wide range of applications with highly scalable architecture and flexible internal storage.

  2. Intelligent automation: Automate the entire server lifecycle, from deployment to retirement, with embedded intelligence that dramatically increases your productivity.

  3. Integrated security: Protect your customers and your business with a deep layer of defence built into the hardware and firmware of every server.

The results speak for themselves

PowerEdge servers deliver up to 12 times better database performance, with up to 61% lower infrastructure costs.

  • Highly scalable architectures deliver up to 20 times faster queries.

  • Time-saving automated management features mean your team spends up to 77% less time managing server operations.

  • Integrated security for the life of your server offers unparalleled security.


First Technology and Dell EMC: here to help you simplify your IT Transformation journey

IT Transformation is a struggle for many organisations, but the results are worth it, and having experienced partners at your side makes all the difference.

To find out more about how First Technology can help you lay the foundation for future innovation within your organisation, with Dell EMC, contact Jolene Strydom at or call 021 525 7000.

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