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Are you turning your data into actionable insight?

In a digital world, data-driven companies will thrive. An Accenture report titled Big Success with Big Data found that 79% of executives agree that companies that do not embrace big data will lose their competitive position and face extinction.

Indeed, the ability to pull meaningful, actionable insights from huge amounts of data, predict future trends and risks, and use them to pivot quickly are key differentiators in the digital age.

A data-driven organisation is one that enables fast, information-driven decision making by:

  1. Giving leaders instant, real-time access to information as soon as they need it

  2. Making this information actionable by interpreting the numbers

  3. Providing clarity around the organisation’s goals and metrics that everyone can align with

AI-infused data platform, analysis and science capabilities will turn your data into actionable insight, giving you a powerful competitive advantage.

Here’s how:

The platform: Build a foundation that puts people, data and analytics first

A robust data platform provides the mission-critical infrastructure that forms the foundation upon which innovation is built. It allows data to be transformed into actionable insights, enabling the business to encourage innovation and uncover new opportunities for growth.

The analysis: Get the right data at the right time to make the right decisions about your business

With the accurate data provided by BI, businesses can predict trends and more accurately forecast scenarios. It can assist in accelerating and improving decision making, optimising internal business processes, increasing operational efficiency, driving new revenues and providing the kind of insight into customer behaviour which enables organisations to obtain a real competitive advantage.

The science: Analyse historical data to predict future trends

The release and implementation of machine learning has drastically changed the data science landscape. We are now able to process large amounts of historical data, apply specific algorithms it, and accurately identify trends and predict the future.

Become a data-driven organisation with First Technology EDS

First Technology provides professional services in Microsoft Data Analytics, Data Platform and Data Science.

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