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Are your applications & infrastructure fit for purpose?

Every aspect of business is being improved: connected, streamlined and automated. Digital transformation is unlocking new revenue streams, providing access to new markets, and enabling organisations to pivot fast. 

In this world, there are only two options: disrupt or be disrupted. Innovation is the order of the day, productivity and flexibility are expected, and security is non-negotiable.

But all of this requires a strong foundation. A secure, scalable cloud infrastructure.

Move your apps to the cloud to cut costs, boost performance and improve security

Maintaining on-site IT infrastructure is expensive. It requires physical space, electrical power, cooling systems, hardware, networking and operating systems, as well as skilled staff. Moving to the cloud enables you to cut costs and only pay for the resources you need and use.

Setting up an on-site data centre is also costly. And it locks you into a particular generation of technology – which is not ideal in a world where performance and agility are essential for business growth. Cloud platforms, applications and managed databases are not only more cost effective, they’re also always up to date, and are easy to scale.

And, as a number of high-profile hacks have recently highlighted, robust infrastructure and app security is vital. Your cloud infrastructure should have authentication built in, with continuous event logging, and real-time threat detection.

Thrive in the mobile-first, cloud-first world with BUI

Working with a technology partner who understands the ins and outs of secure digital transformation will ensure that your infrastructure and apps are always fit for purpose.

BUI is an award-winning provider of specialised IT Professional Services on the Microsoft and Cisco platforms.

Learn more about how BUI can help you transform your business by downloading their brochure or getting in touch with us directly on

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