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Are your customers really at the heart of your business?

It’s easy to pay lip service to customer centricity but how many of us can truly say that our operations are designed around the customer experience, especially if our business wasn’t “born in the cloud”?

Too often, there’s a huge disconnect between what (and how) marketing, sales, delivery and customer service teams are saying and doing. And it can leave customers feeling confused and frustrated.

Consistent customer experiences are enabled by intelligent CRM applications

AI-infused CRM applications, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, provide a company-wide platform on which to build a consistent customer experience capability.

For Marketing this means personalisation, reactivity, relevance – at scale

Gone is the one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Customers now expect personal experiences regardless of the channel and across all touchpoints.

It’s no surprise that, according to a recent Forrester report on the subject, 55% of global marketers are planning to increase their expenditure on marketing technology in 2019.

Use marketing automation to deliver engaging customer experiences across all your touchpoints. Manage all campaigns, automate repetitive tasks, and report accurately on ROMI.

For Sales this means the rise of relationship selling

An AI-infused CRM solution that integrates with LinkedIn and offers machine learning capabilities enables sellers to quickly identify buyers and influencers, as well as mutual connections who can make a warm introduction.

Predictive analytics can help sellers choose the best time to make contact with potential buyers, and to act on at-risk accounts.

According to the Forrester report, Microsoft’s sales productivity solution delivers a:

  1. 15% faster sales cycle

  2. 41% increase in alternate revenue streams

  3. 42% increase in sales forecast accuracy

For Customer Services this means fast, frictionless omnichannel service

Research shows that 91% of consumers are loyal to brands that offer low-effort interactions. And when your customers use an average of three channels during a single enquiry, you need a way to provide a consistent customer experience.

Get it right and you’ll outcompete the 96% of service organisations that are unable to solve a service enquiry using a single application.

An AI-infused CRM solution that integrates SMS, social, email, instant messaging and chatbots enables you to provide a unified brand experience. It offers an accurate, up-to-date view of each customer across all your channels, gives agents the tools, guidance and data they need to resolve issues quickly, and even empowers customers to find answers on their own.

For Field Services this means happy customers who get what they need, when they need it

73% of business owners believe that improving field service management directly increases profit.

An A.I. infused field service solution means you’ll be able to ensure that the right person, with the right parts, gets to the right place at just the right time.

Build a consistent customer experience with The CRM Team with First Digital

The CRM Team implements world-class CRM solutions for companies, transforming their customer experiences to increase revenues and reduce costs.

Using state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies, we help companies automate marketing, improve sales forecasting and deliver omni-channel customer service.

Learn more about how The CRM Team can help you create outstanding customer experiences by downloading their brochure or getting in touch with on

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