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Collaborative Conferencing Is A Must For Any Business

Life’s unpredictable and there’s nothing we can do to escape it. But we can certainly do our best to prepare for the unknown.

When it comes to face-to-face business meetings, there are so many factors and variables that could present an obstacle. Is the conference room available? A double booking, you say? Of course. Are all participants able to make it? Oh no, David just called in sick… I guess we need to reschedule, again.

Collaborative conferencing, in particular video and content, is probably one of the greatest blessings in the modern business architecture that solves all these issues in a single digital swoop.

Collaborative conferencing eliminates the barriers of distance, health risks, administrative time wasting and travel costs. Its instantly accessible nature allows people to organise meetings on the fly. And, since you’re already stationed at your workspace, it can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow, ensuring that you don’t miss a beat.

It’s a marvellous invention that can drastically optimise your business operations and give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Let’s take a deeper look…  

Optimising the Collaborative Conference Experience

While these online conferencing apps provide us with great opportunities to connect, the quality of your equipment is just as vital an aspect to consider.

There’s no point in pursuing collaborative conferencing if you’re going to use a slow dialup modem with cheap generic monitors and low-quality audio. In the end, it will hurt your business productivity rather than enhance it. If collaborative conferencing with video is to be a strong alternative to face-to-face meetings, then your setup needs to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience to all parties involved. Meeting facilities for larger in person audiences must also be catered for.

If you’d like to explore the best options available, then we’re the people to talk to. As firm believers in embracing the future, First Technology has perfected the art of online collaborative conferencing. Our wealth of tech experience allows us to provide you with the best options available, tailored to fit your budget and remote conferencing needs.

Benefits of Collaborative Conferencing

Less time and money spent on travelling

One of the greatest obstacles in organising meetings is getting all parties together in one place, at the same time, a simple notion that still proves to be a severe pain to even veteran organisers. Collaborative conferencing takes much of the pressure off by eliminating the need for travel and reducing the costs involved.

Reduction in Health Risks

Health risks are a worry to many, especially when herding people together in a single room. Fortunately, contagious bugs and viruses haven’t found a way to infiltrate across the internet to people, making video calls the best answer to reducing health risks in the workplace.

Increased Productivity

The accessibility of video conferencing means that all members of a work network can instantly connect, drastically enhancing the administrative edge of your business. Issues can be addressed in a timely manner, your workforce is more in sync and client services can be developed more quickly, further enhancing your competitive edge.

Optimised Meetings

With collaborative conferencing with video and content, meeting times are adhered to more strictly and there is a stronger focus on addressing the objectives of the meetings with lack of idle chit chat that often ensues in face-to-face meetings.

Competitive Advantage

Considering all the above-mentioned benefits together, it’s easy to understand that adopting collaborative conferencing in your business operations will give you a serious advantage over your competitors.

To get in touch for an assessment on your business’ conferencing capabilities, please contact us directly on

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