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Dell Technologies unveils Apex as-a-service portfolio as new business model flagship

Dell Technologies has announced Apex, a portfolio of as-a-service offerings that marks the first major announcement on the new direction the company is taking.

The company outlined Project Apex in October. At the time, it said the strategy was to move all of its products to consumption-based and launch a cloud console that aims to be the control layer for on-premise, multi-cloud, and edge deployments.

Dell Technologies has since dropped "project" and the portfolio that initially covers five announcements has been labelled as "bringing together that as-a-service and cloud solution offerings all underneath one banner simply called Apex" by Sam Grocott, the company's SVP of marketing.

"Plainly stated, Apex is Dell Technologies' portfolio as-a-service offering will simplify digital transformation, and increase agility and control," he told media this week.

"Essentially, with Apex, we're in the process of creating the new Dell."

The five major announcements Dell Technologies is making this week are: Apex infrastructure services, cloud services, custom solutions, console, and partnerships, kicking off a major data centre arrangement with Equinix.

Apex Data Storage Services, the first offering under the banner of infrastructure, is touted as providing a simplified storage-as-a-service experience.

Image Source: CRN

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