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Developing a roadmap for AI adoption

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in its infancy, and in the very early stages of adoption by most businesses. However, business leaders are eager to implement AI into their organisations’ business functions in order to begin realising the incredible benefits AI has to offer.

And although we don’t yet fully understand all the ways AI could affect businesses, there are several ways in which organisations are already benefitting.

Put simply, AI can improve predictions, automation and optimisations, says Dino Bernicchi, head of data science at Homechoice. Bernicchi will be presenting on ‘Developing a roadmap for AI adoption’ at ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit, to be held from 9 to 11 March as a virtual event.

“There are multitude of benefits to adopting AI. Increased sales and conversions, reduced costs, faster time to market, new product development. Some companies are reporting 10 times improvements in certain processes due to AI,” he adds.

By Kirsten Doyle, ITWeb

Image Source: Sophos Home

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