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Digital transformation lives or dies in the data centre

Last time, we looked at the role of the network in campus management, and how Fabric Networking powers digital transformation by enabling IT to become faster and more efficient while delivering a better user experience and reducing risk.

This time, we’re exploring the data centre.

The data centre is the heart of your enterprise network and the engine that powers new applications and business capabilities. But it can be complex and challenging to adapt and scale, requiring management of a wide range of skill sets and vendors.

Extreme Network Agile Data Centre solutions deliver the automation, visibility, and flexibility needed to make digital transformation a reality.

Reduce complexity

Simplify data centre architecture with high performance at scale, programmable/open architectures, and agile consumption models.

Enable digital transformation

Adopt new cloud applications and business capabilities quickly with DevOps-inspired automation and verified, repeatable reference architectures.

Enhance user experiences

Using built-in visibility into network and application performance, optimize quality of experience, reduce downtime, and minimize security threats.

Fabric networking from Extreme Networks in partnership with First Technology

We know that enterprises can’t meet the challenges of 21st century digital transformation with 20th century networks.

Extreme Networks’ Automated Campus and Agile Data Centre are proven fabric networking solutions that deliver the agile, adaptive networks enterprises need to transform their business.

To find out more about First Technology and Extreme Networks’ data centre and fabric networking solutions, contact Jolene Strydom at or 021 525 7000.

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