Director's View

With only 3 months left to the end of the year, we decided to dedicate our last edition of our eZine to creative disruption. Here at First Technology we are big fans of technology and the unfair advantage that it provides businesses.

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, you would have noticed that we are currently experiencing the greatest disruption in car transportation, since the invention of the horseless carriage a.k.a, the motor vehicle.

It is really three different paradigm shifts that are coming together in a perfect storm of sorts. On the one hand we have Elon Musk singlehandedly changing the future of internal combustion by pushing the envelope on electric vehicles with Tesla and ever extending the range of his lithium ion battery technology.

On the other hand, we have Google (and Apple) perfecting the artificial intelligence and self-awareness required for truly autonomous car technology to be operated safely.

Now throw into the mix the global success of Uber and other disruptive ride sharing companies and we have the ingredients for a total shift in motor vehicle ownership, driving and transportation going forward.