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DMARC and Email Security

Protecting your email system can be a complex task, especially if you don’t have the right tools in place. Cyber attackers have a plethora of hostile methods they use to disrupt company operations, which can include anything from sending emails from your domain to intercepting emails and altering them, all without anyone’s knowledge.

If you don’t have the right digital security solutions in place, it's almost impossible to identify who is sending emails from a domain, whether it’s from legitimate & illegitimate sources. While this initially might sound insignificant, a cyber attacker’s invasive methods can pose serious threats to your business, such as:

  • Deposit Fraud - Incorrect bank details that are falsely associated with a transaction and attackers redirect the money.

  • Identity Theft - Users are tricked into leaking their identity to an attacker.

  • Ransomware distribution - Users & staff are lured into installing ransomware from a legitimate-looking email.

  • Brand damage - Fraud on a company's behalf causes immense brand damage & financial losses.

What is DMARC and how does it protect me?

DMARC was created by the email industry to put control over email authorisation and authentication back in the organisation's hands. What DMARC does is instruct receiving servers how to apply two mechanisms to authenticate email. On top of this, it provides a way for organizations to see which servers are sending email on your behalf.

The two mechanisms for authentications are SPF and DKIM, and both need to pass before an email is considered legitimate. Simply put, SPF tells receivers which servers are allowed to send email for an organisation. DKIM is a way to sign a mail letting the receiver know that the email was received and that it came from the organisation holding the signature.

SENDMARC - BUI’s Global DMARC Solution

BUI’s Sendmarc automates the process of protecting you from email phishing and spoofing attacks. Our tools enable you to easily understand who is sending email on your domain, where the threats lie, and the steps needed to authorise senders. By easily being able to identify and authorise legitimate senders, you can keep your brand secure without risking email deliverability.

Our main goal is to stop phishing and spoofing on your domain. By guiding you through the process of setting up fully authenticated email sending. Our tools enable ongoing proactive protection of your email ecosystem, providing you with full email protection that significantly limits the risk of legitimate emails being undelivered.

Get Protected

BUI’s Sendmarc solution is brought to you by trusted partners, First Technology and Microsoft. To learn more about protecting your domains and email ecosystem, please get in touch with Jolene Strydom on or call us directly on 021 525 7000.

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