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Evolve your organisation’s hyper-converged infrastructure with vSAN

vSAN is enterprise-class storage virtualization software that, when combined with vSphere (VMware's cloud computing virtualization platform), allows you to manage, digest and store information on a single platform. With vSAN, you can reduce the cost and complexity of traditional storage systems and embrace the wonders of the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) and hybrid cloud. Evolve your business with an integrated hyper-converged infrastructure solution and utilize vSAN to significantly improve business agility, all while speeding up operations and lowering costs.


Why is VMwares’s vSAN is the next step in evolving your workforce?

Across industries, organizations look to IT to help them stay competitive in a constantly evolving marketplace. To meet growing business needs, IT needs to move toward a cloud operating model to gain the speed, agility and cost advantages of the public cloud within their data center. The first step for many organizations is to adopt hyper-converged infrastructure, extending the benefits of a cloud operational model to storage while using existing tools and processes. HCI increases agility, future-proofs infrastructure and lowers storage costs.

The industry-leading HCI software stack from VMware consists of VMware vSphere® for compute virtualization, VMware vSAN™ for storage integrated with vSphere, and VMware vCenter® for virtual infrastructure management. VMware HCI is configurable and seamlessly integrates with VMware NSX® to provide secure network virtualization and/or VMware vRealize® Suite for advanced hybrid cloud management capabilities. HCI can be extended to the public cloud as vSAN has native services with six of the top cloud providers: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Alibaba and Oracle. vSAN enables you to prime your business for growth through:

  • Seamless evolution – vSAN is integrated with vSphere and requires no new tools.

  • Industry-leading flexibility – The vSAN ecosystem empowers you to run

HCI on certified solutions with your preferred vendor.

  • Multi-cloud capabilities – vSAN provides you with consistent operations from

edge to core to cloud, with intrinsic security throughout

Seamless evolution

Seamlessly evolve to HCI with the only storage integrated with vSphere that also integrates with your overall VMware environment. vSAN simplifies your infrastructure modernization by leveraging existing tools, skillsets and software solutions. With native services to leading public cloud providers, vSAN further simplifies the extension from on premises to the public cloud. Extend virtualization beyond compute and storage with integrated, hypervisor-based networking virtualization and advanced management capabilities. Protect current storage infrastructure investments with the only HCI solution built on policy-based management that extends per-VM policies and automated provisioning to modern SAN and NAS systems.

Broadest flexibility

vSAN has the largest HCI ecosystem and works with your existing server vendor. vSAN has more than 500 jointly certified servers with over 15 server OEMs, as well as a jointly engineered turnkey appliance, Dell EMC VxRail. vSAN provides investment protection by supporting traditional and next-generation storage technologies, such as NVMe. vSAN is a critical component of VMware Cloud Foundation™, an integrated infrastructure control plane from edge to data center to public cloud.

Multi-cloud ready

vSAN is an integral component of VMware Cloud Foundation, which enables consistent processes in a true hybrid cloud architecture—no application replatforming required. Admins can use the same tools and processes used on premises to eliminate training requirements and siloed teams, and expedite time to value. The leading cloud provider network for vSAN provides access to hundreds of public clouds, so you can build a hybrid cloud with a vendor that meets your specific needs. Intrinsic security encrypts data at rest and at motion with a FIPS 140-2 validated encryption module, which meets stringent U.S. federal government requirements.

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