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Exploring Workforce Transformation

The nature of the workplace is going through one of the most monumental transformations in history. Innovative minds across the globe are abandoning the archaic practices of the past in search of flexible and intuitive work environments, a virtual space where one can digitally collaborate and communicate with colleagues in a natural and seamless way.


First Technology, a Dell Technologies Titanium partner, has a wealth of experience in creating robust and infallible digital solutions to evolve the efficiency of your workforce. For those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of workforce transformation, this blog is for you.

This is Part 1 of a three-blog series where we will be exploring the topic of Workforce Transformation and how First Technology, in partnership with Dell Technologies, can aid you in this endeavour.

What is Workforce Transformation?

Workforce Transformation is the process of continually implementing marginal changes in your business culture, procedures and systems that, together, have a significant and positive impact on workforce productivity and efficiency.

Technology is driving rapid change in business. Empowering workers is a key goal of business – most recognise that a responsive and engaged workforce helps them compete in today’s modern world. Workforce Transformation allows IT to overcome the struggles of balancing all resources between ‘run-the-business’ IT and strategic/transformative IT, and provides them with the opportunity to redirect those valuable resources to address both the end-user and IT’s top-priority needs.

Why is Workforce Transformation Important?

Businesses want to get end-users the technology they want and need to be successful. 84% of technology decision-makers surveyed said improving employee productivity is a critical priority.

Worker frustration and procedure delays can hurt your business in multiple ways. Over half (60%) of workers surveyed in a recent study say that freezes, bugs and glitches negatively affect their motivation and engagement.

Technology differentiates your customers. 77% of technology decision-makers think improving the employee experience is also a critical or high priority. User experience tracks to greater productivity, engagement, motivation and satisfaction. It isn’t just nice to have – it’s becoming a differentiator.

The definition of productivity has changed – workers are seeking to deliver value to their organisations in new ways and productivity is now measured by how creatively and enthusiastically employees accomplish their work.

Keen to gain more insight?

If you’re interested in gaining deep insight into the workspace and workforce transformation, download our ebook or join us for Arthur Goldstuck’s Part 2 webinar, Workforce Transformation: Preparing Your Business for the Future.

Workforce Transformation Webinar: Preparing Your Business for the Future

Join digital transformation specialist, Arthur Goldstuck (Founder and managing director of World Wide Worx), as he explores the current acceleration of change, unpacks the gravity of Covid-19 as a catalyst of business evolution and presents the profound results of emerging research on remote working that provides deep insight into the future of the enterprise.

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