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Going back to the office? Here are five major tech problems that lie ahead of you

Keeping employees productive at home was only the first part of the challenge. Now businesses are preparing for the next wave of IT issues.

IT departments have had a hectic few months. With organizations across the globe switching to remote working overnight, the majority of IT professionals report that their workloads have increased significantly – by as much as 37%, according to recent research. And unfortunately for support desks, this might only be the beginning. 

Now countries are gradually exiting lockdowns, and the focus is on a potential return to the office, at least for some employees. That may sound like fewer tickets filed for faulty WFH laptops or video call fails; but in reality, IT teams are bracing themselves for a storm of new issues. 

Most of them are likely to be caused by our bad telecommuting digital behavior, especially when it comes to securing our devices. It's not about pointing fingers, though: working in a home environment has invariably led employees to relax their awareness of IT concerns, perhaps even momentarily forgetting the golden rule of "Think before you Click".

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