Insights on a connected world

‘Transformation’ is a loaded term that today’s business leaders seem to be hearing more of, especially when IT concepts are being explained around boardroom tables. But there’s still much about transformation that very few are aware of, and the rate at which technology is evolving makes it even more difficult to understand exactly how to future proof your business. One thing is certain though: the cloud has become an integral part of running businesses today and it continues to present opportunity for business growth.  

On Thursday May 4th, First Technology and VMware hosted a breakfast at Century City’s Conference Centre. VMware’s CTO and Evangelist, Ian Jansen van Rensburg and Senior Systems Engineer, Rouan Hugo took to the stage to demystify the modern cloud.

The caveat of a connected world

In his opening address, Fairoz Jaffer, First Technology’s CTO, pulled back the curtain on advancements taking place in the consumer wearable technology market today. Among the many observations made by Jaffer, one of the keen insights was that wearable technology presents a lot of opportunity for users to become part of a connected world, but this opportunity must be carefully examined.

Consumers will be able to do more and learn more. However, in this ‘new connected world’, serious considerations must be made when it comes to the security and privacy of your data, who has access to it, and what they’re going to do with it.