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Is Tech Adoption the Key to Rebuilding the Economy?

As the initial shock of the coronavirus pandemic subsides, South Africa’s small business leaders must now pick themselves up and begin to rebuild. For many businesses, working remotely and with reduced staff has been incredibly challenging, but technology has played a fundamental role in allowing work to continue.

One positive to come from this crisis is that lockdown compelled businesses to adopt more advanced technologies than they may otherwise have considered.

Many businesses have spent months focusing on the immediate term and making decisions necessary for their survival. As government restrictions loosen and the community begins to consider medium- and long-term priorities, this is the perfect time to reconsider the technology you use and how it will help you to reach your goals.

Investing for the future:

Technology can be expensive, and at a time when businesses have already slashed spending, it’s understandable that there’s hesitance to spend on new tech. However, having the right tools in place is an investment in the business’s future, and can be the key to building back faster and stronger.

This crisis has shown that businesses who have been traditional at the core are now discovering that digital processes offer far greater scalability and resilience. Many will struggle to thrive in the long-term if they continue using traditional resource-intensive methods.

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