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Is your network keeping pace with your business?

Business today is all about speed, efficiency and customer centricity. Organisations are increasingly turning to cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technology to deliver innovative solutions and experiences as they compete in the digital world.

  • Everything is shifting to the cloud – this requires a ubiquitous network

  • The internet of things is now a reality – and it is flooding the network

  • IoT, AI etc. are leading to increased automation – this requires greater levels of security

  • The threat of cyber-attacks is increasing – so security measures need to be “outside in” as well as “inside out”

IDC’s prediction that global spending on digital transformation initiatives will reach $2 trillion by 2020, means that there will only be more pressure on IT to offer a fast, flexible and secure network.

Today’s networks just don’t cut it

According to Gartner, “The network is a slow-moving part of the infrastructure, and, in an era when digital business mandates faster reaction times, it has not kept pace with innovation.”

To succeed in the digital era, the modern business needs a network that not only enables digital transformation, but also supports future innovation.

Fabric networking from Extreme Networks in partnership with First Technology

We know that enterprises can’t meet the challenges of 21st century digital transformation with 20th century networks.*

Extreme Networks’ Automated Campus and Agile Data Centre are proven fabric networking solutions that deliver the agile, adaptive networks enterprises need to transform their business.

To find out whether your network is keeping pace with your business or if you would like to learn more about First Technology and Extreme Networks’ fabric networking solutions, contact Jolene Strydom at or 021 525 7000.

*Gartner 2017: Strategic Roadmap for Networking

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