IT stands for Intelligent Transformation

Just imagine for a second that transformation, this buzz word attached to IT, Digital, Workforce and Security, is the janitor. He comes in, often unseen, and changes the way the business looks from the inside. He makes the mess left behind into something usable. Like the janitor, transformation subtly takes the old and turns it into something new.

The thing is, transformation doesn’t need people. Unlike the office clean-up crew, successful transformation is best done without direct human control.

Think about it. If you wanted to really solve the challenges of scale and complexity wouldn’t it be wiser to put the human aside and instead rely on software to run your systems? Humans are notoriously bad at making decisions and even worse when it comes to making mistakes. In a study undertaken by Stanford Law School, they found that 90% of motor vehicle crashes are caused in part by human error. Only 3% are caused by mechanical failure.  That is an average of 40 vehicles per 1000 people and it is predicted that by 2035, things will be worse with the alarming statistic of 310 vehicles per 1000 people. Compare these statistics with the self-driving car which has, after two million miles of driving, only had one accident.