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Keeping the workplace connected with Microsoft Teams

In these strange and unprecedented times, many businesses have been thrown in the deep end and forced to quickly adopt online remote collaboration solutions. For many businesses who are used to face-to-face meetings and on-site group sessions, this is a daunting but easily resolved prospect. So what is the best route to take? Cue, Microsoft Teams – undeniably one of the top tried-and-tested digital collaboration platforms available.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful and secure digital communications and collaboration platform that forms part of Office 365. It provides its users with a staggering combo of essential virtual features such as online video meetings, chats and remote-team collaboration.

It boasts an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, which makes it the perfect platform for newcomers. And with its vast range of features and third-party app integration, it’s the perfect platform to carry even the most digitally-versed businesses into the future. 

Why use Microsoft Teams?

Anywhere, any time.

Microsoft Teams is a fully cloud-based solution, meaning you can easily move your business operations online and it’s accessible at any time, from anywhere and across all devices. Additionally, with its cloud-based foundation, you can even further evolve your business operations with the integration of big data processing and artificial intelligence solutions.

The only app you need.

Microsoft Teams combines all the collaborative tools you need into a single platform interface. Whether it’s for online meetings, file collaboration or just catching up with co-workers on chat, Teams does it all. With the addition of third-party app integration, users can check off all their duties without ever leaving the app. This increases both productivity and focus-retention.

Never get distracted.

One of Microsoft Teams’ most useful features is the ability to categorise your various duties and workflows into different channels. So, instead of getting side-tracked when your eye catches an unread email or your concentration is broken by unrelated messaging, you can dedicate yourself to one channel, allowing you to remain focussed and productive. 

Keeps everyone in the loop.

The issue of transparency and operational awareness is one that many businesses struggle with. With Teams, you can ensure your entire workforce is on the same page and able to participate. By utilising the channel system and “@-mentions” feature, you have full control of your workforce and open up the door for productive and goal-driven engagement. In a nutshell, you can essentially create a virtual meeting room where any team members can join and leave as they please.    

The future is digital.

While the current state of global affairs is placing immense pressure on businesses, it is also opening up their eyes to the vast range of previously overlooked possibilities the digital world has to offer. With Microsoft Teams, all your needs are fused into a single cohesive digital ecosystem that drastically increases productivity and efficient online collaboration.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

As a trusted Microsoft partner, First Technology is well versed in the Microsoft Teams architecture. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Teams, its features and the best complimentary hardware to achieve your optimal virtual collaboration experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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