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Microsoft Copilot: Director for First Technology, Ryan Ramawoothar, talks about the new AI assistant

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed for Windows 11 and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

It integrates into popular Microsoft apps, such as Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to “transform your everyday tasks into opportunities for growth and innovation”.

Among a wide variety of features, Copilot can turn simple Word docs into stunning PowerPoint presentations, summarise and highlight key points in Outlook email chains, and help you organise and take the lead in Teams meetings.

In each instance, information is extracted from organisation-specific data to provide personalised outputs for each user.

In this Interview, Ryan Ramawoothar, Director of Cloud and Software at First Technology, talks about Microsoft Copilot, Artificial Intelligence, and how emerging technology will affect the future of business.

With an IT career spanning almost two decades, Ramawoothar has developed a keen sense for emerging trends and market shifts, using his skills and insights to ensure First Technology and its customers are ready to embrace the ever-evolving nature of their industries and the business landscape.

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