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Microsoft injects R1.3bn into SA economy in to equip SMMEs with AI skills

Updated: 3 days ago

Microsoft injects R1.3bn into SA economy in to equip SMMEs with AI skills

Microsoft has announced a significant investment of R1.3 billion into the South African economy, aimed specifically at bolstering the capabilities of small, micro, and medium enterprises (SMMEs). This strategic initiative is set to directly impact around 200 SMMEs and more than 2,000 individuals, equipping them with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge and skills. This move is designed to prepare these businesses and individuals for the evolving job market and the demands of the future. By focusing on AI, Microsoft aims to bridge the skills gap in South Africa, ensuring that the workforce is better prepared for the digital transformation sweeping across industries. This investment is not just a financial boost but a comprehensive empowerment strategy that includes training and resources to help these enterprises leverage AI technologies effectively. The initiative underscores the importance of technological upskilling in driving economic growth and innovation. By providing SMMEs with access to the latest AI tools and knowledge, Microsoft is fostering an environment where these businesses can thrive and contribute significantly to the economy. This is part of a broader effort to encourage digital inclusivity and ensure that technological advancements are accessible to all sectors of society, particularly those that might otherwise be left behind. In summary, Microsoft's substantial financial commitment is a forward-thinking step towards enhancing the AI competencies of SMMEs in South Africa, thereby preparing them and their workforce to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future digital landscape.

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