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Network infrastructure and the agile organisation

In this blog series, we have already established the importance of network infrastructure in supporting digital transformation.

In this article, we dig a little deeper to see how it is that fabric networking enables the agility that is central to an organisation’s digital transformation.

How do you make your organisation more agile?

According to Extreme Networks, the answer lies in automation and visibility.

It’s important to understand that you can’t have one without the other: “Without pervasive visibility (for example, the run-time state of infrastructure, resource usage, and payload patterns) you eventually run the risk of automating yourself into trouble, taking actions where the required resources are simply unavailable. Similarly, if you implement visibility without automation, you end up with lots of data with no practical way to act upon the insights gained from this data–sure you can act on it manually, but not in real time or easily enough to bring about agility.”

As organisations embrace digital transformation, they must investigate (through visibility) and act (through automation) at all layers of the network.

Agility is about technology and people, as well as the network

Of course, the network is only one piece of the technology puzzle. Compute, storage, applications, OSS/BSS, ticketing, billing etc must also be developed with agility in mind.

And of course, people are at the heart of it all. An agile infrastructure, with agile applications is no use if people refuse to embrace it. So, onboarding, processes and policies are all important elements of creating an agile digital business.

Fabric networking from Extreme Networks in partnership with First Technology

We know that enterprises can’t meet the challenges of 21st century digital transformation with 20th century networks.

Extreme Networks’ Automated Campus and Agile Data Centre are proven fabric networking solutions that deliver the agile, adaptive networks enterprises need to transform their business.

To find out whether you have an agile organisation or if you would like to learn more about First Technology and Extreme Networks’ fabric networking solutions, contact Jolene Strydom at or 021 525 7000.

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