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Public cloud migration checklist: 5 criteria to meet before moving your apps

I think we are finally beyond the conversation on the utility of public cloud in the enterprise. Public cloud service providers have demonstrated that public cloud is just as reliable, if not more so, than on-premises infrastructures. Security isn’t as big of a concern either. Google Compute Engine networking, for example, has a zero trust approach to instance security. It makes sense to build new applications for cloud infrastructures. However, the next logical question is which applications are candidates for migration and which are not.

There are a wide variety of applications hosted in the cloud. It’s difficult to say, in general, that a particular type of application is suited for the cloud while another isn’t. For starters, one way to examine your application’s candidacy for a cloud infrastructure is to weigh the differences in cloud infrastructure with your on-premises solution. [1]

[1] By Keith Townsend for Techrepublic

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