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Security alert: How vulnerable is your organization on social media?

It’s your Marketing Director’s worst nightmare: your corporate social media account is hacked or impersonated, and your customers are targeted in a scam that uses your logo and messaging.

Before you know it, the scam has gone viral and made the news. You’re forced into crisis management mode, the reputational damage to your brand is huge, and revenue is impacted.

Maximize your customer engagement by stopping brand risks before they go viral.

Secure your organization against revenue-damaging threats to your brand with Social Brand Protection from First Technology. 

Using targeted data collection and artificial intelligence-based analysis, our solution protects your organization from targeted phishing attacks, credential compromise, data exfiltration, brand hijacking, executive and location threats and more. It protects your hard-earned social media presence, as well as the loyal customers who engage with your brand on social media and digital platforms.

Protect brand investment

Provide powerful protection for your brand where it matters most; where customers engage, your brand is built, products are bought, and business is won or lost.

Maximize customer engagement

Maximize your returns by safeguarding brand reputation and ensuring every customer is engaging with authentic accounts and advertisements.

Save time and money

Minimize time spent finding and cleaning up costly brand risks using artificial intelligence-based analysis, automated content takedowns and easy-to-use policies.

Scenario: Brand Protection in action

A global financial organization that operates in almost every country is under threat.

The brand is a household name with large official social media accounts and many executives and representatives who are outspoken thought leaders on international finance. Because many of them use social media to great effect, they are prime targets for malicious attacks.

Yet the organization had zero visibility into social media. The threat intelligence department had no mechanism to protect the organization’s social media presence or leverage social media for proactive security and intelligence.

Attackers had free reign to impersonate the organization and target followers with financial scams and phishing campaigns. The organization needed a solution to cast a light on social media and expose damaging impersonations, cyber threats and any other risks from social media. They needed something automated, intuitive and widely integrated.

Using Social Brand Protection, the organization was able to automate social media threat intelligence and analyze millions of pieces of content, from posts to profiles to images, issuing almost 1,500 alerts in just seven months. 

The solution has issued hundreds of takedown requests and achieved an over 90% takedown success rate, radically reducing the time and cost of remediating malicious content on social media. The majority of the takedowns have been impersonations of the organization’s brand and representatives. 

The organization can now proactively identify and remediate malicious accounts as they are created, ensuring they cannot carry out their nefarious purposes.

Ready to learn how to protect your organization's online presence? Follow the link below to talk to an expert.

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