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The IoT and the return of 8-bit computing

Back in the 1980s we all used 8-bit computers, getting every bit of horsepower out of our BBC Micros, our Apple IIs, and our Commodore 64s. Then came 16-bit, swiftly followed by 32-bit, and today’s 64-bit multi-core processors. Compared to a 32KB BBC Micro or a 48KB ZX Spectrum, today’s quad-core Core i7s with 16GB of RAM give us a lot more space to write our code.

That’s a problem when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). We’re not going to put a modern PC in every device out there — they’re too expensive and far too power hungry. Even phone hardware will be too expensive; while Microsoft made its low-cost Lumias virtual shields for Arduino devices, at over $40 they’re still too expensive to put everywhere. So what will power the IoT? [1]

[1] By Simon Bisson for ZDNet

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