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Top uses for Network Automation

Network automation and optimisation are rapidly becoming the foundation of the modern business. With all operations shifting into the digital landscape, it is crucial for business to implement robust network automation software and tools to remain competitive in the market of the future.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of ‘Network Automation’, take a look at our last blog where we explain the basics - Network Automation: What is it, and why is it essential to your business?

Otherwise, let’s jump straight in and explore the top uses for Network Automation and why Extreme Networks is the perfect network solutions partner.

Evolved Security

Investing in robust network security is essential to any business pursuing a digital-first and cloud-ready infrastructure. As digital technologies are rapidly evolving, so too are the damaging capabilities of cybercriminals and cyber threats. Extreme Networks uses a balanced ecosystem of products to ensure a threat-free digital work environment, from ExtremeAirDefence to monitor and safeguard your wireless networks, to ExtremeIoT to protect wired networks and secure all IoT devices.

Compliance Management

As the world transitions to a digital-based infrastructure, more and more of our sensitive data are being exposed to unwanted parties. Data compliance regulations, such as those detailed in the POPI Act and the GDPR, ensure that this data is secure and safely regulated. However, due to the sheer complexity of the digital ecosystem, it can be an overwhelming task to address the plethora of regulations manually. Fortunately, Extreme Networks’ cloud environment automatically ensures compliance through the use of artificial intelligence, with little to no human intervention needed.

Cloud Acceleration

Aligning your company operations to a cloud-first strategy is the next step any business should take to prepare itself for the future. Not only does it digitise, automate and streamline most internal operations, significantly lowering expenditure and allowing you to redirect your human talent to more applicable areas of operation, but provides you with the opportunity to easily integrate emerging technologies and solutions as they are developed. With Extreme Networks, all these solutions and their respective support are housed under a single roof, meaning that you will only ever need to deal with one partner.

Optimise Your Network

With the constantly transforming nature of the modern business landscape, it is crucial for IT organisations and departments to be quick, agile and responsive to leverage the rapid advances in digital tech and swiftly address. Network Automation tools and software streamline this process, providing the IT departments with deep data and insights to drive cloud-based operations. As a network solution provider with over a quarter-century of experience, Extreme Networks has mastered the art of Network Optimisation.

Minimise Downtime and Outages

Any form of downtime is one of the greatest fears any business faces. Network downtime and outages hinder your ability to serve your customers, severely hurting your brand’s reputation and credibility. This can lead to an irreversible lack of trust from both your existing and potential client base. With our ExtremeCloud IQ™ solution, you can rest assured that you are free from the toils of legacy networks. Our adaptive cloud ecosystem is driven by the latest advances in digital tech and designed to evolve with the ever-transforming needs of the market.

Looking for more insight?

Download our latest Ebook, ‘ExtremeCloud™ IQ: The Art of Network Automation’, to learn more about how Extreme Networks and First Technology can evolve your business through Network Automation.

For any additional information, please get in touch with Jolene Strydom on or call us directly on 021 525 7000.

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