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Transforming Your Workforce for a Better Future

The workplace is a fragile ecosystem that requires constant and meticulous attention to thrive. The key to any ecosystem’s survival is mastering the art of adaptability. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is imperative that we adopt a flexible approach that allows for the easy implementation and integration of emerging and disruptive technology.


In the digital era, a skilled and effective workforce is essential and the technology to support them is equally vital. It’s the task of technology decision makers to provide every worker with an ecosystem of hardware, software and supporting equipment that maximises each remote worker’s ability to contribute to the organisation.

This is Part 2 of a three-blog series where we will be exploring the topic of Workforce Transformation and how First Technology, a Dell Technologies Titanium partner, can aid you in this endeavour.

We must adapt

The conversation needs to go beyond the product and focus on the productivity of the workforce using that product. Yes, tech is the answer, but what good is a list of features if they don’t have any application in your workforce.

First Technology places great emphasis on dissecting the needs of their customers and identifying and implementing bespoke solutions that directly addresses your needs. Beyond satisfying your most pressing needs, the digital architecture we provide allows for the quick implementation of emerging technologies, meaning that you are always equipped to embrace the constant tides of technological evolution.

The Apex Predator

Investing in the best proven tech will allow you to gain a competitive edge and puts you in the position to pioneer new ways of working.

Dell Technologies will stay informed on the latest technological trends and will constantly keep you up to date with feedback and suggestions on how to evolve your business and remain a leader in the digital revolution.

Smarter, faster end-user experiences - get people productive faster and help them stay there so they can work more successfully wherever they are. The user experience is the new challenge and opportunity. We want to get people productive more quickly (by directly addressing pain-points) and help them stay there, so they can get the job done more easily, efficiently and successfully.

Unified Workspace - an intelligent and unified approach that allows IT to strategically delegate time-consuming and complex, yet critical tasks, while still allowing them the flexibility to build and manage their IT environment the way they want. Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is a comprehensive and intelligent solution to deploy, manage, support and secure all endpoint devices, regardless of form factor or OS.

Dell New Latitude Series - our new range of Latitude laptops are designed specifically for the modern worker, with express technology option and enterprise-class security. It’s faster, smarter and more responsive, providing you with an intelligent laptop experience with built-in AI that learns from you and adapts to the way you work. These products boast cutting-edge innovations like Dell’s Express Response, Intelligent Audio and Express Sign-In.

Smart Spaces - Smart Space technology provides stimulating and inspiring digital ecosystems that maximise both individual and group output, innovation and productivity. Our wide array of cutting-edge solutions, from advanced devices to management tools and services, have been designed to enhance and adapt to today’s changing workforce.

Workstation Focus - Dell Technologies introduces Precision 5750, the new 17” thin and lightweight mobile workstation, designed to grow your pipeline and empower your customers with high-end visual work in key verticals like engineering and entertainment. Tap into the growing workstation demand now and help your customers excel while you benefit from new business incentives and lucrative rebates.

Keen to gain more insight?

If you’re interested in gaining deep insight into the workspace and workforce transformation, download our eBook or join us for Arthur Goldstuck’s Part 2 webinar, Workforce Transformation: Preparing Your Business for the Future.

Workforce Transformation Webinar: Preparing Your Business for the Future

Join digital transformation specialist, Arthur Goldstuck (Founder and managing director of World Wide Worx), as he explores the current acceleration of change, unpacks the gravity of Covid-19 as a catalyst of business evolution and presents the profound results of emerging research on remote working that provides deep insight into the future of the enterprise.

Reserve your spot for 22 July 2020 - Register here

For more information, please contact Jolene Strydom on or 021 525 7000.

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