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Trending Tech to Watch: What Is Hybrid IT?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

You’ve heard of hybrid cloud, but what about hybrid IT? The latter term is becoming more buzzworthy as businesses realize that they can’t move all of their workloads squarely into a cloud-based architecture.

What is hybrid IT? How is it different from hybrid cloud? When does it make sense to use a hybrid IT strategy? In this article, we provide answers to all of your burning hybrid IT questions

What Is Hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT is an IT strategy that involves the use of cloud-based resources and on-premises or legacy environments at the same time.

In other words, a business that uses hybrid IT might run some applications or host some data in the public cloud, while others reside in a private data center.

Hybrid Cloud vs. Hybrid IT

That probably sounds a lot like hybrid cloud, which also involves using public cloud and on-prem environments concurrently.

However, the key difference between hybrid cloud and hybrid IT is that in hybrid cloud, public cloud and on-prem resources are managed through the same control plane. Modern hybrid cloud frameworks like Azure Arc and Google Anthos make this easy to do. They allow users to deploy and manage workloads both on-prem and on public cloud infrastructure using the same set of public cloud APIs and management tools.

In contrast, in hybrid IT, a company’s cloud resources and on-prem resources function as separate domains. Under a hybrid IT model, you would use an entirely different set of tools to deploy and manage your on-prem workloads from those that you run in the cloud.

Christopher Tozzi | Aug 17, 2021

Image Source: Cloudian

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