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VR is the next big thing, whether you can see it or not

It’s probably a decade or so since I first tried out a virtual reality headset. It was a pretty unforgettable experience: like getting drunk, putting on an antique brass diving helmet, climbing onto a spinning merry-go-round and trying to play a Commodore 64 game.

But a lot less fun.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going to be useful for far more than just gaming VR isn’t like that anymore: the latest headsets are light(er), the leap in processing power means the images are crisp and there’s little vertigo. After many, many false dawns it’s finally a technology that is almost ready for the mass market. Sure, gaming and (adult) entertainment will lead the way, as they usually do, but there are going to be plenty of other uses too. [1]

[1] By Steve Ranger for ZDNet

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