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We’re not going to beat cybercrime in our lifetime says ex-FBI cyber chief

A former director of the FBI’s crime and cybercrime response unit has warned that the problems of hacking and cybercrime will not be solved in our lifetimes, but we that we owe it to future generations to avoid completely mismanaging the issue to make it worse to deal with in years to come.

Shawn Henry spent 24 years at the FBI where he rose through the ranks to oversee all of the Bureau’s criminal and cyber investigations across the globe before retiring from the organisation in 2012.

But despite boosting the FBI’s computer crime investigative capabilities and taking part in numerous successful investigations into denial-of-service attacks, major bank and corporate breaches, and nation-state sponsored intrusions, Henry believes that cybercriminals aren’t going to be disappearing any time soon. [1]

[1] By Danny Palmer fro ZDNet

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