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Meet Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, the man behind the $2 trillion company powering today's artificial intelligence

Only four companies in the world are worth more than $t2 trillion: Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet – parent company of Google - and computer chip maker Nvidia. The California-based company saw its stock market value soar from $1 trillion to $2 trillion in just eight months this past year, fuelled by the insatiable demand for its cutting-edge technology – the hardware and software that make today's artificial intelligence possible. We wondered how a company founded in 1993 to improve video game graphics turned into a titan of 21st century AI. So, we went to Silicon Valley to meet Nvidia's 61 year-old co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who has no doubt AI is about to change everything.

At Nvidia's annual developers conference this past March, the mood wasn't just upbeat … it was downright giddy. More than 11,000 enthusiasts - software developers, tech moguls, and happy shareholders – filed into San Jose's pro hockey arena to kick off a four-day AI extravaganza. They came to see this man: Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia.

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