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4 Reasons Why Workers Should Welcome Artificial Intelligence In the Workplace

In recent months, concerns about the economic impact of the pandemic have been closely tied with a spate of panicked automation headlines like, “Will Robots Take Our Jobs In A Socially Distanced Era??”.

But there’s a different reality that showcases the importance of having a robust digital transformation strategy.

Already we have seen that incorporating new technologies has led to a dramatic shift in the way industries operate worldwide. We are also witnessing a significant rise in interest for robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation and artificial intelligence among business leaders who realize that intelligent automation demonstrates strong transformative potential across all industries.

Business leaders are accelerating the adoption of technologies they view as crucial to digital transformation efforts – like intelligent and robotic process automation – to help them thrive in this tumultuous business environment and beyond.

Intelligent automation as a competitive differentiator

Businesses are constantly met with new restrictions and 63% of business decision makers feel they are struggling to meet customer demands. 93% of those decision makers believe intelligent automation will help solve this problem.

Intelligent automation offers a number of key benefits, from time and money savings to improved efficiency. By implementing all capabilities found in RPA and connecting previously silo'ed departments and improving communication, intelligent automation can help businesses focus on more strategic work.

For example: One Michigan-based power company serving 2.2 million customers is using a digital workforce to halve the number of bills that need to be reviewed by human workers. By automating this process, and 35 others, the company is saving 250,000 man hours annually.

Image Source: CIO


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