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Darktrace Autonomous Response

Darktrace AI interrupts in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds, including ransomware, email phishing, and threats to cloud environments and critical infrastructure.

Take a look at our latest case study to learn how Darktrace Autonomous Response aids Duferco Steel Processing to defend against ever-evolving advanced cyber threats.

Duferco is a steel processing company located in Saldanha Bay, South Africa. Its products are manufactured and delivered with a philosophy of ‘prime, on time, every time’. Duferco’s high-quality, cold-rolled steel products serve a range of unique customer requirements across the US, Europe, and Africa.

See how Darktrace’s Autonomous Response:

  • Protects digital infrastructure while preserving business productivity

  • Liberates small IT & OT teams from time-consuming responsibilities, allowing them to shift their focus to higher-tier objectives.

  • Utilises adaptive AI technology to identify and neutralise anomalous & threatening activity in seconds

To read more click on the downloadable Case Study below.

First Technology - Darktrace Duferco Case Study
Download PDF • 534KB

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