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Does your workplace help or hinder your bottom line?

PwC recently conducted a global study on the importance of customer experience. According to 73% of its respondents, the customer experience is an important factor when it comes to purchasing. In fact, in the US, 65% of respondents felt that a positive experience with a brand was more influential than great advertising.

What makes a great customer experience?

Customers are loyal to the brands that consistently provide exceptional value with minimal friction or stress. But, while they want speed, convenience and all the other ‘usual’ benefits of digital transformation, they also want helpful employees and friendly service. They want their interactions with their favourite brands to feel more ‘human’. This means that companies not only need to use technology to create better products and services –they also need to use technology to enable their employees to create better customer experiences.

In other words, they need to build a modern workplace.

Great customer experiences are created in modern workplaces

The modern workplace is a people-centred environment that uses technology like automation, apps, cloud computing, AI and IoT to empower employees to do their best work.

In the modern workplace, mundane tasks are automated so that people can greater value, collaboration is seamless, flexibility and agility are the norm, and employees are inspired and empowered to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

The modern workplace is characterised by:

  1. High levels of productivity and accuracy

  2. Security and compliance

  3. Data-driven decision making

  4. High employee satisfaction and retention rates

  5. Attractive profit margins

  6. Innovative revenue streams

Everyone wants a modern workplace. Even if it isn’t yours.

If you avoid Digital Transformation you risk getting left behind. Your customers will quickly find competitors that offer better customer experiences. And your best employees will be lured away by better workplaces that offer greater flexibility.

Build your modern workplace with First Digital

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