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Is your business prepared to recover from a ransomware attack in 2021?

Cyber crime is a multibillion-dollar international industry and is not going away. Ransomware has taken centre stage, with large and highly publicised attacks costing global enterprises significant sums and even putting some out of business. Given the current economic climate, the ongoing work-from-home scenario and the rapidly growing attack surface, the situation is only going to get worse. Ransomware is also becoming increasingly sophisticated, more difficult to detect and harder to recover from. For businesses, the question is not if they will be attacked, but when. Being adequately prepared for recovery is critical.

To err is human

Despite education campaigns, endpoint protection and other layers of security, phishing remains the number one way in which cyber criminals penetrate an organisation’s defences. Spear-phishing has become increasingly common, and also more difficult to immediately identify. Users can no longer rely on poor spelling and pixelated images to spot a potentially infected e-mail. In addition, spear-phishing attacks are often combined with social engineering tactics to sell the ruse more effectively.

By Kate Mollett, Regional Director for Commvault on ITWeb

Image Source: IT Pro Today


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