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Standard Scenarios & Use Cases for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

IT organisations are increasingly expected to make infrastructure decisions that cultivate business opportunities rather than just support ongoing business operations. Adding to the challenge, they must find ways to instil a more proactive approach to IT operations, even as budgets generally remain relatively flat.

Hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, such as Dell EMC VxRail, have offered organisations a data centre technology that can enable the right balance of capital expenditures and operational efficiencies while still providing the requisite levels of performance and agility that organisations need across their data centre, cloud, and edge environments. In turn, this helps them leverage their IT environments to generate new business opportunities and drive better business results.

What is a Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

HCI continues to be a catalyst for data modernisation and transformed IT operations.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) integrates compute, storage and networking into a single appliance coupled with data management and consolidation capabilities. It can be scaled according to application needs, thus eliminating the need for a traditional Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network-Attached Storage (NAS).

The simplicity, scalability, and agility of HCI will continue to be a catalyst for data centre modernisation and help customers transform their IT operations.

DELL EMC VxRail: Turnkey Hyperconverged Infrastructure

VxRail provides a simple, cost-effective hyperconverged solution that solves a wide range of your challenges and supports almost any use case, including tier-one applications and mixed workloads. VxRail enables faster, better, and simpler delivery of virtual desktops, business-critical applications, and remote office infrastructure.

Let’s explore some common VxRail use cases and scenarios…

Modernising the Data Centre

Gain greater control of your workloads by deploying modern hyperconverged infrastructure across on-premises data centres, edge, and co-locations.

  • More business agility

71% faster deployment of new storage.*

  • Faster business development

114% more new applications per year.*

  • Higher performance

32% faster execution of business transactions.*

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Drive Business Critical Solutions

VxRail offers high-performing solutions to drive business-critical applications, such as:

  • In-memory intensive database applications like SAP HANA.

  • Graphic intensive VDI and high-end 2D/3D visualisation, including SOLIDWORKS® and Adobe Creative Cloud®.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Storage-dense applications like video, big data and analytics.

Full Power for Workloads at the Edge

No matter where you are, you get the full power of automation and orchestration with VxRail HCI System Software and a 24x7 single point of support.

  • Dell EMC VxRail D Series offers simplicity, agility, and lifecycle management in a ruggedized, compact form factor.

  • The rugged form factor is built to withstand extreme conditions and harsh terrains, allowing for traditional and modern applications at the extreme edge.

  • Temperature resilient, shock resistant, and fully mobile for tactical edge deployments where size, weight, and transportability are key.

Simplify, Streamline & Automate Hybrid Cloud Operations

VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail delivers a simple and direct path to modern apps and the hybrid cloud. Deploy, host, and manage traditional and cloud-native workloads across core, edge, and cloud environments.

  • Enables flexible and simple modern cloud deployment with hybrid cloud.

  • Consistent infrastructure in one complete, automated platform.

  • Integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation SDDC Manager.

  • Automate Kubernetes infrastructure deployment with VMware Cloud Foundation and Tanzu.

  • 47% reduced TCO compared to a similar public cloud solution.

Would you like to learn more?

Download our latest Ebook [Ebook Name] that delves into HCI and DELL’s VxRail, and explores its significant business impact‌.

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