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The Journey To The Cloud. Modernising Data Infrastructure

A promise made is not always a promise kept. That’s the unfortunate reality of our industry - claims of seamless service delivery are rife, but very few truly deliver. Principa found

itself in such a position when its previous digital infrastructure partner provided a service that was “less than optimal,” explains Jaco Rossouw, Chief Executive Officer at Principa.

Not only did this hamper our strategic ambitions, it also haemorrhaged the IT department’s time and focus into managing and mitigating operational issues. This left precious little time

to focus on supporting the business strategy through proactive investment and improvement of required IT infrastructure and services.

Backed by First Technology solutions and support, Principa can now fulfil operational objectives with relative ease while maintaining impeccable governance standards. Now, Principa can focus on delivering data-driven software solutions for their clients while First Technology focuses on evolving their infrastructure and software ecosystem in support.

For further reading, please download our case study.

Download PDF • 2.27MB


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