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The robots are coming, and this is how they will change the future of work

Robotic systems have historically been kept separate from humans, and tucked away deep in factory lines. But as robots start mingling with humans in their workplaces, what is work going to look like?

If you go to the Makr Shakr bar in Milan, a top-notch rooftop venue overlooking the city's famous cathedral, you won't be greeted by any bartenders -- that is, of the human kind.

Instead, you'll be able to order your cocktail via an app, playing around with how strong you want the drink to be, or selecting add-ons like bitters or lemon; and your order will be sent straight to the double-armed robot working behind the bar. Emanuele Rossetti, CEO of Makr Shakr, explains that the robot can be up to four times faster than a real-life bartender in preparing customers' drinks. "But that's not very fun to watch," he argues, and so the robotic arms have been slowed down to match the pace of a human.

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