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Why Security Systems are Only as Successful as the People Who are Behind Them

In May 2020, the personal records of more than 24 million South Africans and nearly 794,000 companies were handed over to someone impersonating a client. The personal records, identity numbers and addresses of millions of people and thousands of businesses were given to this person because they had fooled the system.

It’s a hard lesson in how important it is to embed security not just into the technology and the devices of a company, but into its people. According to Anna Collard, SVP of Content Strategy at KnowBe4 Africa, security is not just the responsibility of IT – it is the responsibility of every single person in an organisation.

“It is critical that organisations create a culture of security in order to combat this increasingly hostile security environment,” she adds. “A successful security culture is driven by leadership, the human resources (HR) department, internal marketing & communication and ongoing security training. Truly agile and capable security is a people project, not a technology one.”

Successful security balances on three pillars: technology, policy and people.

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