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Why you should choose Dell EMC VxRail as your hyperconverged infrastructure

A seismic shift is underway within the data centre infrastructure industry, driven by the need to streamline IT processes so that IT teams can make decisions based on business outcomes.

Today's hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions are able to help IT teams achieve these new business-driven goals by collapsing traditional data centre infrastructure silos (servers, storage area networks [SANs], and shared storage) into modern infrastructure that is server-based, software-defined, and scale-out in nature.

Today's most innovative and impactful HCI solutions, such as Dell EMC VxRail, extend these valuable core benefits by supporting increased interoperability between public and private cloud platforms. Let’s ‌look at some of the key factors that make Dell EMC VxRail the best choice for you…


With a fully featured HCI environment, you can eliminate many of the components and hardware silos found in traditional infrastructure. In simple terms, with HCI you need a lot

less stuff in your data centre. This simplicity helps you reduce operational time and complexity across your data centre.

To help you simplify your environment, HCI:

  • Provides a single, integrated software stack that runs on industry‐standard servers.

  • Delivers ease of deployment and maintenance, with policy‐driven automation.

  • Reduces physical components to manage, monitor, and maintain.


HCI can help you greatly reduce infrastructure spending across your data centre. In particular, HCI:

  • Generates cost and storage efficiency.

  • Leverages technical resources and expertise you already have.

  • Replaces over-provisioning with granular ‘grow‐as‐you‐go’ scaling.


Modern HCI solutions offer native, software-based security, like data-at-rest encryption, to address growing customer needs to protect business-critical data. The right HCI solution:

  • Protects information with native data-at-rest encryption that eliminates drive disposal risks and overhead.

  • Eliminates the costs and complexities of deploying specialised hardware, like self-encrypting drives.

  • Meets strict compliance and security regulations for many industries, like government, finance, and healthcare.


With a data centre built around HCI, your IT organisation is poised to rapidly respond to changing business demands. To deliver this agility and flexibility, HCI:

  • Offers broad deployment choice — no hardware vendor lock‐in.

  • Enables a future‐proof IT environment, with support for today’s traditional applications, as well as new cloud-native applications and container technologies.

  • Allows you to scale up and scale out to easily meet specific application needs.


HCI accelerates applications and enhances the user experience. To drive performance gains, HCI:

  • Delivers all‐flash optimizations for application fast response times.

  • Enables easy scale‐out and scale‐up capabilities.

  • Ensures predictable performance to keep users happy.


HCI helps you minimise risk with a proven, secure platform that:

  • Ensures predictable performance with quality of service (QoS).

  • Delivers high availability and resiliency with no single point of failure.

  • Builds confidence on the foundation of a proven, industry‐leading hypervisor.

Why Dell EMC VxRail?

Dell EMC VxRail is the brainchild of two key players in the tech space, Dell Technologies and VMware. VxRail provides a simple, cost-effective hyperconverged solution that solves a wide range of your challenges and supports almost any use case, including tier-one applications and mixed workloads. VxRail enables faster, better, and simpler delivery of virtual desktops, business-critical applications, and remote office infrastructure.

Would you like to learn more?

Download our latest Ebook that delves into HCI and DELL’s VxRail, and explores its significant business impact‌.

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