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ZACR warns of global cyber criminals targeting SA

The administrator of SA's .za domain name, the ZA Central Registry (ZACR), is warning of an increase in the number of international cyber criminals targeting the country, as it slowly emerges from the hard COVID-19-induced lockdown.

ZACR says increasing connectivity during the lockdown came at a cost as more people attracted the online attention of local and international fraudsters. It says as South Africans sought digital ways to stay safe and be productive, their vulnerability to online criminals also increased.

The namespace experienced tremendous growth in 2020, powering over the 1.25 million registered domains mark during SA’s initial COVID-19 hard lockdown.

This, ZACR says, suggests South Africans are increasingly snapping up .za domains to help them launch businesses, pursue study and entertainment opportunities, secure their digital identities and generally become more active online as transacting in the brick-and-mortar world remains challenging.

The latest caveat from ZACR comes a few months after it warned that Domain Name System (DNS) abuse had emerged as a threat to the continued stability of SA’s domain name ecosystem.

By Staff Writer on ITWeb

Image source: People Matters


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